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    Iyabo Ojo urges Nigerians to be patient for Mohbad's autopsy results

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    She also told people to stop clamouring for DNA tests for Mohbad’s son.

    Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has beckoned on Nigerians to be patient in their wait for the result of Mohbad’s recently concluded autopsy.

    The public figure took to her Instagram Live to remind Nigerians to focus on the main agenda, which is attaining justice for the late singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, aka Mohbad. She stressed that the Nigeria police have requested for two weeks for the release of the autopsy results, after which she urged people to be patient until then.

    She said, “Everybody’s eyes are on this case, they said we should give them two weeks, I know that some of those results may not be out then but they asked for two weeks, and they are on it. We need to be patient and wait for them. What is important is that we should wait for the autopsy results to come out and for the police to come and address us. Let us stop with the distractions, it won’t stop us from getting justice, we will get justice. Please let the police do their job. If the suspects don’t come in for questioning, the police would do what they have to do.”

    Going further, she begged the eager fans to stop diverting from the issue and refrain from requesting for a paternity test for Mohbad’s five-month-old son Liam. Ojo also fiercely defended the singer’s widow Omowunmi, asking everyone to allow her to grieve and cease with the DNA test requests.

    “All these distractions of DNA tests or no DNA tests, please allow the family to mourn, if Mohbad’s father or mother wants a DNA test for the son, they can request for it. Why are you guys bullying the poor lady leave her alone,” she added.

    Mohbad and his partner of 10 years have a child together[Instagram/_c33why_]

    Since the sudden passing of the singer, Ojo has been fiercely advocating for justice for him. This is especially because of the strange circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death, and the numerous attacks on his person while he was alive. Due to the insistent clamouring of Nigerians for an investigation into those circumstances, the police launched an official investigation. After this, Mohbad’s body was exhumed and an autopsy was conducted shortly after.

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