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    Chioma Goodhair just spilt everything about her fashion inspiration

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    She also revealed that even when she used to dress like a tomboy, she was still stylish.

    Real Housewives of Lagos star Chioma Goodhair has disclosed that her unique style came from her aunts and her grandmother.

    Speaking on the latest episode of Iyabo Ojo‘s YouTube series, Gold Room, the reality TV star disclosed that her fashion interest came from observing the women in her family.

    “Growing up, my dad’s sisters were so fashionable and the way they carried themselves…” she began. “My mum’s mum is super fashionable. So growing up I would always be in awe of the way they would dress up. It just exudes elegance. I think I always had it at the back of my mind that when I grow up I wanna look like this,” she admitted.

    Chioma also disclosed that she had a tomboy phase growing up, adding that even then, she was still stylish.

    She confessed, “I used to be a tomboy. I think everyone knows that now. So I used to wear joggers and hoodies with sneakers, but funny enough back then even when I’d dress like a boy, I would always match my sneakers to my knapsack and my cap. Naturally, when I transitioned to start dressing like a girl and everything it just came to me. And for me, I feel like fashion is inherent and my style is inherent.”

    The businesswoman also debunked claims that her style comes from her stylist. “I’ve never really had a full-time stylist and people always think that ‘obviously it’s her stylist'” she said, shaking her head.

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