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    Disney's 'Madu' director is working on a doc on Chibok girls 'The Harvest'

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    The director of Disney’s Madu, Kachi Benson, is working on documentary, The Harvest.

    Kachi Benson, the Nigerian director of Disney’s Madu, is working on a documentary, The Harvest for Hunting Lane and Impact Partners about the 2014 Boko Haram kidnapping of young students from a school in Nigeria.

    Ten years have passed since the terrorist group Boko Haram attacked and kidnapped 276 young girls from a school in the village of Chibok, Borno State. Little has been revealed about the plot of the documentary but it follows four Nigerian women.

    Benson has previously done a documentary in virtual reality Daughters of Chibok, that addressed the fallout from the kidnapping. Daughters of Chibok won the award for Best Immersive Story at the 76th Venice Film Festival in 2019.

    Speaking about The Harvest, Benson told Deadline, “I have spent the last five years with the mothers and survivors of the Chibok kidnappings, I’ve listened to their stories, and what I’ve learnt is that these women are more than the tragedy that is mostly used to describe them. My aim with The Harvest is to give them a platform to tell their own story and show a side to these heroines that the world hardly sees: a community of mothers who have stood, and continue to stand as pillars, working together to make tomorrow better for their children. That is the ultimate bravery.

    First look image of the harvest directed by Kachi Benson [Thisdaylive]

    Jamie Patricof, Katie McNeill, Rachel Halilej, Samira Mohammed, and Adeyinka Oduniyi are the producers of The Harvest, which just wrapped principal photography. “We were honoured to be able to work with ‘Kachi on this powerful film,” stated Patricof of Hunting Lane. “What the women in this film accomplish is nothing short of miraculous. They are real-life superheroes.”

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