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    Chioma Goodhair recounts dreadful experience in abusive relationship

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    On those occasions that her ex hit her, she ended up in the hospital.

    Chioma Ikokwu, better known as Chioma Goodhair has opened up about being abused in a former relationship.

    In the latest episode of Toke Moments hosted by Toke Makinwa, she spoke about how she ignored the signs of abuse in a former relationship. The Real Housewives of Lagos star said that one of the signs was the fact that he consistently sought forgiveness after a wrongdoing.

    She said, “I’ve been in a relationship that was violent, in my first relationship. But the thing is, the most violent men are the serial beggars. I remember the first time he did it, he slept outside my house on the floor for 3 days in the rain, sunshine and everything. Obviously by the fourth day and everything, I’m not a devil so I was like come in and sleep in the corridor. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and he was next to me on the bed.”

    Another subtle hint that she said she overlooked was the love bombing; the gifts he consistently showered her with, especially after offending her. Speaking to the host Makinwa, she highlighted the shame that came with being abused and how she only told one person after the ex left her battered, bruised and bloody.

    “These men beg and shower you with gifts and all these things and I’m a very strong person so I went back and it happened the second time. Both times I ended up in the hospital. It wasn’t a small thing. I did not have the courage to leave. The first time, I told my friend not to tell anyone because I was ashamed. He was so narcissistic. He was not taking responsibility and was telling people that I hit my face on the door.”

    See the full interview below:

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