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    7 Nigerian celebrities with the best and worst BBL

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    Which of these celebrities surgeons deserves kudos, and who needs to refund their BBL money?

    A discussion from Pulse’s Terms and Conditions podcast has prompted the question of which female Nigerian celebrities has the best or worst BBL.

    When it comes to the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) it’s all a game of luck and chance and the skill of your doctor.

    Many Nigerian female celebrities love to get surgery for a more voluptuous backside, while some get really good BBL, many don’t. Here are the best and worst:

    Best BBL

    Koko by Khloe

    Pretty Mike thinks she has one of the best BBLs and we have to agree with him. It looks very natural and even shakes like a real booty. Khloe has her doctor to thank for the perfect body.

    Nengi Hampson

    Nengi’s BBL is one of the best in Nigeria, although it’s obvious that she has had work done, she looks more thick than plastic. Nengi’s surgery was a liposocution and fat transfer to her butt and not a BBL per se.

    Lily Afegbai

    Lily’s surgery makes her have the perfect hourglass figure and that makes the outfits she wears look way better than it would have if she didn’t get a BBL.

    Tonto Dikeh

    I happen to love Tonto’s BBL shape. Though she had many complications from the surgery, her booty looks as natural as they come.

    Worst BBL

    Toke Makinwa

    Toke’s BBL looks a bit strange on her short frame and thin legs. The belly button looks displaced and the waist is too long. The surgeon was certainly over ambitious.

    Blessing CEO

    Blessing BBL makes her look and walk stiff, one even wonders if it moves at all. But perhaps the annoying thing about her surgery is how long her waist now looks.

    Mercy Eke

    I might get attacked for this but Mercy’s BBL doesn’t have a good side profile, it’s looks off compared to the fat distribution in her thighs.

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