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    Pawzz unveils music video for his 'Ogaranya'

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    Nigerian afro-fusion artist and songwriter Pawzz unveils music video for his ‘Ogaranya’.

    Crafted under the skillful production of Jon P, ‘Ogaranya’ is a scintillating blend of Amapiano and pop, a genre-crossing anthem that has swiftly asserted its dominance in the club scene.

    The infectious rhythms and irresistible beats of the song transform it into a certified party anthem, promising revelers an exhilarating journey into euphoria as they dance the night away.

    The music video kicks off with Pawzz undergoing a stylish transformation, courtesy of his dedicated stylist, drawing the attention and admiration of female fans who eagerly surround the charismatic star.

    As the visual narrative unfolds, it seamlessly transitions into a vibrant house party, featuring stunning and energetic models who add an extra layer of excitement to the already dynamic atmosphere.

    Pawzz’s ‘Ogaranya’ music video not only showcases his musical prowess but also serves as a visual spectacle that captures the essence of celebration and high-energy entertainment.

    With Afrobeats reaching record commercial heights, more young artists are adding sonic diversity and excitement to the industry. Pawzz is set to stake a claim as one of the future stars that will define the Nigerian music industry.

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