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    Davido says his hit single 'Dami Duro' was the president's ringtone

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    Nigerian megastar Davido shares how his father recognised that his music was getting big.

    During an interview on Business Untitled, Davido spoke on the early days of his career and how he eventually got to father’s approval to make music.

    The Grammy nominee shared the familiar story of how he left school in Atlanta and returned to Nigeria to pursue music without his father’s blessing which later led to his business mogul dad getting him arrested.

    “I don’t think he didn’t want me to do music, he just wanted me to be successful as whatever I did because he got a blueprint for me already,” Davido said on his father’s early reaction to his decision to make music.

    “He’s so supportive and he checks on everything…My dad picks my album. When I am done, I send him all the tracks and my dad goes through all the records and gives me a paragraph each,” Davido narrates the personal interest and support his Dad gives him.

    “My dad gave me the name Davido…The first show I did, he arrested me, the fans, the promoters,” Davido said laughing as he narrated the story of how his father got him arrested after he returned to Nigeria without his consent and had his first show as a 17-year-old. “He just wanted me to finish school,” Davido added about his father’s insistence that he get a university degree.


    The three time Grammy nominee was asked when his father recognised that his music was getting big and he revealed it was when his hit song ‘Dami Duro’ was the president’s ringtone.

    “When my song was the president’s ringtone,” Davido said.

    While he didn’t mention the president or the country, Davido is likely referring to the exploit of former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan who was the head of state between 2010 – 2015.

    During the interview, Davido also shared his plans as a businessman beyond music. He revealed he had a production house called Coco House which he describes as a media house for creatives. He also added that he intends to get into crypto.

    Watched Davido’s full interview with Business Untitled below.

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