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    Tems discloses that she deals with being overstimulated by praying

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    She wants everyone to know that God is at the centre of everything she does.

    Singer-songwriter Tems is shouting her love for her God from the rooftops and accredits her success to him, completely fearless of backlash.

    The entertainer, while in an interview on Cool FM, stressed that prayer is part of her daily routine especially when she’s on the road. When asked about how she handles being overstimulated, her answer? Prayer.

    “I have a routine and a couple of practices and prayer is one of them. Every time I’m on the road, in a plane or in a car, I’m always listening to a message of some sorts,” she began.

    She acknowledged that people have different belief systems and emphasised that her relationship with God is of importance to her in her journey.

    “I know what I’ve been through. It’s important that people know that I didn’t come here by myself and everything has been orchestrated by God and I wanna be as honest as possible no matter how much backlash, some people might think it’s weird but it’s okay. I stand on what I believe in. People have different beliefs and I get that and I have to thank him,” said the singer.

    Tems emphasised that she does not want anybody to ever have the impression that she gained her success by herself. To her, God and her faith is more than an idea, and has helped her pull through thus far.

    “I feel like when you have a relationship with someone or If you’ve been through something with someone and someone says, ‘How did you do this?’ and you know that it is this person that has been guiding you through and helping you, imagine how the person would feel if you said I’ve just been doing my own thing, I came here by myself, everything I got was me. For me God is not a word or just an idea, for me he’s real and my life is real and my journey is real. In moments where I thought I wasn’t going to make it, I did and I have to,” she added.

    It is worthy of note that in 2022, Tems clapped back at critics who accused her of “not living a Godly life.” She then reminded them that she is nobody’s Christian saviour and didn’t come to uphold their beliefs about God.

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