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    Ayra Starr had more male listeners in the past 1 month on Spotify

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    According to Spotify data, male listeners makes up 52% of Ayra Starr‘s listeners in the past 28 days.

    Ahead of the release of Ayra Starr’s second album ‘The Year I Turned 21’, Spotify has shared some data on her listener base.

    In the past 28 days, more male listeners have streamed Ayra Starr’s music on Spotify. The 21-year-old superstar also boasts of a young audience with 20% of her listeners between the age of 18-22.

    In the past 28 days, Mexico, the United States, and Spain are Ayra Starr’s most streamed countries with her home country Nigeria surprisingly ranking at NO. 10.

    Spotify recently hosted an album listening party for Ayra Starr’s sophomore album ‘The Year I Turned 21’. The album set for release in May 2024 already surpassed 200 million Spotify streams courtesy of the singles ‘Rhythm & Blues’, ‘Comma’, ‘Bad Vibes’ feat Seyi Vibez, and ‘Santa’ her collaboration with Rvssian.

    Below are some Spotify data on Ayra Starr’s listener base.

    1. Playlist adds in the last 12 months

    • Her tracks appear on over 15.5M Playlists.

    2. Age group and Gender streaming Ayra Starr in the last 28 days

    • Gender: Her audience leans slightly male, with 52% male listeners and 44% female listeners.
    • Age: Younger adults are a core part of her audience. 20% of her listeners are between 18-22 years old, and 30% fall into the 23-27 age group.

    3. Top countries streaming in the last 28 days

    Ayra Starr’s music is captivating a global audience, with her top streams in the last 28 days coming from countries across North America, South America, and Africa, rather than just her home country.

    1. Mexico
    2. United States
    3. Spain
    4. France
    5. Argentina
    6. Peru
    7. Chile
    8. Colombia
    9. United Kingdom
    10. Nigeria

    4. Top streamed songs in the last 12 months

    In the 12 months, Ayra Starr’s reign has been fueled by ‘Rush,’ ‘Santa,’ ‘People,’ ‘No Love,’ and ‘Ngozi,’ solidifying her spot as one of the year’s most streamed artists.

    1. Rush 
    2. Santa
    3. People 
    4. No Love 
    5. Ngozi 
    6. Comma
    7. 2 sugar 
    8. Stability 
    9. Stamina 
    10. Love don’t cost a dime 

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