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    Nino De Brown remembers life in Lagos in his new single 'Eko'

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    Connecticut-based artist and performer Nino De Brown reminisces on life in Lagos in his new single, ‘Eko’.

    The single is a fast-paced Afrofusion record on which the artist lyrically speaks about his life in the Nigerian city of Lagos, addressing the city by its native moniker, Eko.

    Before migrating to the United States, Nino de Brown spent a good part of his life in the city of Lagos, a city that formulated his life at an adventurous age.

    This experience is remembered by him artistically, and he expresses that in his new single, Eko, which instrumentally blends elements of pop and funk sounds into the wavy Afrobeats sound.

    Sonically, Eko is a dancefloor-worthy record that dwells playfully on the vices of a young, adventurous mind.

    Nino de Brown’s promised album was pushed back, but as a peace offering to his audience, Nino de Brown releases this happy single just in time and for the right season.

    Eko is available on all streaming services.

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