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    I don't care what people say about me – RHOLagos star Faith Morey

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    She also said that some people think that she is ‘bitchy’ and ‘uptight’.

    The Real Housewives of Lagos star Faith Morey has confessed that being on the show helped debunk false narratives about her.

    In the latest episode of Pulse Fun Facts, she spoke about how people always have the wrong first impression of her.

    “They think I’m bitchy and they think I’m easy, for guys,” she said.

    Morey was also asked about wrong assumptions that she had heard about herself which she would like to debunk, and she stressed that she cannot be bothered by people’s impressions of her and what they say.

    “Wrong assumptions…I really don’t care about what people say about me. But I think The Real Housewives show already showed that most people thought I was bitchy and uptight,” she said.

    She also stated that the reality show aided in clearing up the false narratives. “They thought I was a certain way or I was a dummy, but the real housewives helped me out there. I don’t care what people say about me, to be honest. Except you become close to me and I can probably go ‘This is not it, or this is it,'” she added.

    Morey, who joined the cast in season two, has publicly spoken about her experience on the show and her relationship with the other housewives. In an interview with Arise TV in December 2023, she stressed that she is not bothered by people’s impressions of her.

    “I really don’t care how people take me,” Morey said to Arise TV “I’m not in the business of making friends. If I find one friend (which I ended up making two friends on the show) it’s a plus for me. But I love myself. My manager always goes ‘It’s enough.’ Honestly, I don’t care what you say,” she said.

    Watch the full episode below:

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