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    BBNaija's Mercy Eke does not mind having a baby through a surrogate

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    She’s ready to have a child but she also does not want to be a baby mama.

    Big Brother Naija star Mercy Eke has expressed her desire to get married and have a child, but she feels more ready for a baby than a husband so she is down with the option of having a child through a surrogate.

    The reality TV star stressed this need during her interview with media personality, Hero Daniels. She stated that she would love to be a mother but would rather be married first if it came to that, instead of having children with a man she isn’t married to.

    She began, “I’m ready to have my own kids. If I wanted to be a baby mama, I would have been one but no disrespect to ‘baby mamas’ but I would rather be married first because I’m from a Christian home. Yeah, husband dey hungry me but I feel like I’m much more ready to have a little one.”

    Going on, Eke stated that she considered going through the surrogacy route for her children since she’s not fully ready to get married. It was at that point that she noted she was after her happiness first and foremost, adding that she derives joy from seeing women go about their lives how they want to.

    “Before my 30th, I thought of having a surrogate for my beautiful baby, get a sperm donor and have someone take my egg. Happiness is happiness wherever you find it, whether you choose to carry the baby or hire a surrogate, that’s why I love Westerners they do what they like but here people would want you to be a certain way, I love how women are doing what they like how they deem fit,” she added.

    Comically, the former Big Brother Naija winner then declared that if she found herself with a baby outside of marriage, she would no longer be interested in getting married.

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