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    5 major highlights from Cee-C on 'BBNaija All Stars'

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    She came in with the desire to win with a different narrative.

    Cee-C came very close to winning during her last season and now she has made it again to the final week of Big Brother Naija All Stars.

    Apparently, the constant disagreement during Double Wahala season stuck to her brand over time and now was the perfect time to clean it up if possible. Claiming the third finalist spot, we get to see whether or not she was able to clean up the negative perception about her.

    Here are five major highlights from Cee-C on BBNaija All Stars:

    Beef then sismance with Alex

    Their five-year-long beef since the end of Double Wahala was rekindled on the fourth day of BBNaija All Stars. The altercation occurred in front of other All Stars housemates, based on the wager task that week, which involved the writing of a script.

    Over time Cee-C and Alex became a lot cordial, as they grew a stronger bond on the show. At intervals we witnessed them looking out for each other and calling on their fan base to be at peace with each other.

    Ultimate Black Envelope winner

    On Monday, September 18, 2023, Cee-C won immunity in the final Black Envelope game on BBNaija All Stars. This win gave her an automatic spot at the finals as she escaped eviction nominations for that week.

    Multiple altercations with Ilebaye

    The altercations could be why they never got so close on the show, even though they have maintained a cordial relationship this week. She currently has the highest amount of recorded disagreement with Ilebaye on BBNaija All Stars. They include:

    Admits intimate desires for Neo

    During an open conversation with other All Stars housemates, she shared the shocking details of her constant dreams of being intimate with Neo. Cee-C also revealed during the last eviction, her interest in exploring friendship with him based on her existing romantic relationship outside of the house.

    Simultaneous misunderstandings with male friends

    Cee-C came into the house with what she described as an already-established friendship with Pere. Things went sour with them on the very first week of the show and they were only able to have a good talk during the special dinner on Monday, September 25, 2023.

    She also fell out with Cross, after what seemed like a really close relationship during the first few weeks of the show. The issue had lingered around Cross, sidling her severally once Kimoprah came into the house.

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