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    Brymo offers to help Burna Boy if he asks like a man

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    Brymo takes to his Instagram story to resume his beef with Burna Boy.

    Brymo and Burna Boy have been at loggerheads since he accused the Grammy winner of plagiarizing his unreleased work in Burna Boy’s hit single ‘City Boy’.

    Brymo has taken to his Instagram story to throw shades at Burna Boy in a post where he claims to have superior talent.

    In the post shared on April 16, 2024, Brymo advised Burna Boy to leave the Pop scene because he was looking ugly and while they shame vocal similarity, Burna Boy “can’t sing to boot”.

    Brymo also claimed to be a deity and considers it the reason why Burna Boy can’t stop craving his attention despite the Afro-fusion star’s success.

    Brymo ended the post by offering to help Burna Boy if he asks respectfully.

    Burna Boy recently took to his Instagram story to shade Brymo’s folk music as an attempt to sing in Yoruba proverbs that pale in comparison to the music of Fuji legends King Wasiu Ayinde and King Saheed Osupa.

    While appearing on Bae U Barbie‘s ‘Curiosity Made Me Ask’, Brymo said that he would never acknowledge Burna Boy in his music unlike Burna Boy did with his popular freestyle that diss Brymo with the line “Make you no fall off like Brymo”.

    While Brymo has insisted he won’t name-drop Burna Boy in his music, he seems to be willing to engage him on social media by shading and tagging the Afro-fusion superstar.

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