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    Bob Risky's manhood is intact after we checked – Prison officer reveals

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    Bobrisky, known for his self-proclaimed title “Mummy of Lagos,” may soon be adding another moniker to his collection, as Prison Officers have reportedly discovered a new persona, “Papa of Lagos,” during his time in custody.

    Last week, the renowned Nigerian cross-dresser was sentenced to six months in jail for the abuse of Naira currency. Consequently, Bobrisky has been admitted to the Custodial Centre after the verdict.

    Speaking anonymously due to protocol, a senior official at the facility housing the Nigerian transgender disclosed that Bobrisky underwent a routine examination upon arrival and his manhood is still intact.

    This revelation comes as a surprise to many, as Bobrisky has hinted on multiple occasions that he has undergone gender reassignment surgery, suggesting the presence of female genitalia. Instances of him purchasing sanitary pads further fueled speculation, although it appears now that these actions were merely part of social media theatrics.

    The official revealed that the examination results showed no alteration in gender or genital anatomy, affirming Bobrisky’s male biological features as declared publicly and documented in court records.

    During admission, each inmate undergoes thorough examination. Bobrisky underwent the same process, which confirmed his male biological characteristics without any alterations,” the source stated.

    Following the examination, Bobrisky was assigned to a cell and provided with necessary accommodations, akin to arrangements in a boarding facility.

    Bob Risky before and now

    He was allotted a bed space and shared the cell with other inmates. He follows the routine like attending classes, meals, and adhering to designated times for activities without any preferential treatment,” the source added.

    Addressing concerns about Bobrisky’s safety, the official emphasized the facility’s stance against inmate abuse, asserting that all inmates are subject to the same rules and protection measures.

    There’s no special treatment or protection afforded to Bobrisky. The facility maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of abuse or discrimination among inmates,” the official clarified.

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