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    Mercy Eke’s 5 most expensive bags prove she’s filthy rich

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    Mercy Eke has one of the most expensive handbag collections in the world.

    Influencer, businesswoman, and Big Brother Naija winner Mercy Eke has a very lavish closet that is bigger than some people’s bedrooms.

    Unfortunately, we have not been privy to inspect Mercy Eke’s lavish walk-in closet, but from snippets posted on Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram, we have some idea of the bags there.

    Her bags cost thousands of dollars and millions of naira. Luxury bags are often regarded as investments since they can be resold to get exact or even more than was paid for them.

    Here are Mercy Eke’s most expensive handbags:

    1. Hermès collection

    Mercy Eke’s hermes collection [Instagram/mercyeke]

    Mercy’s Hermes collection is as colourful as the rainbow. She has at least six Hermes bags in pink, blue, orange, black, maroon, and yellow.

    Each of these beauties carries a $15,000 price tag, making the total sum enough to make your eyes water.

    Just imagine the naira equivalent at the current exchange rate.

    2. Louis Vuitton Capucines

    Mercy recently welcomed two new members into her designer family—two Louis Vuitton Capucines!

    These bags are between $6,100 and $6,400, adding a hefty chunk to the total. But when it comes to Louis Vuitton, the investment is always worthwhile.

    3. Chanel’s classic shoulder bag

    When it comes to bags that transcend trends, few hold a candle to the Chanel classic shoulder bag. It’s simple elegance and lasting quality have made it a favourite among discerning collectors, including Mercy.

    At $5,800, it’s a timeless treasure that promises to appreciate in value and Mercy has at least two.

    4. Goyard Saigon Mini Orange bag

    This bag may be small but it’s definitely ‘mighty’. This simple monogram bag costs a whooping $5,250.

    5. Mini Fendi Clutch

    Always ahead of the curve, Mercy Eke rocks Fendi’s debut mini bag in a timeless nude hue. This $4,780 stunner is the perfect addition to her enviable collection.

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