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    Williams Uchemba quits public gym to focus on heaven; here is why (VIDEO)

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    Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Williams Uchemba, has expressed his concerns about women who dress provocatively at the gym.

    He recently announced that he has stopped attending public gyms due to the temptation caused by such attire, as he aims to avoid distractions and focus on his spiritual journey.

    In response to the issue, Uchemba has taken the initiative to establish a gym at home to maintain his fitness routine without encountering these distractions.

    Williams Uchemba

    The Nollywood actor is publicly appealing to women attending gyms to dress modestly, emphasizing that the increasing trend of indecent dressing in such settings is troubling.

    Taking to his social media platform, Uchemba addressed the matter directly, urging women to reconsider their attire choices for the sake of male gym-goers’ focus and spiritual well-being.

    Ladies, should all the men stop coming to the gym? Because your indecent dressing is getting out of hand. It’s becoming appalling. I’m tired,” he expressed.

    Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba [Instagram/WilliamsUchemba]
    Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba [Instagram/WilliamsUchemba]

    He continued, “Please, try and dress decently to the gym. Some men are determined to make heaven, please don’t distract us. Every time one comes to the gym, he is forced to see what he didn’t intend to see.”

    Uchemba humorously lamented the situation, indicating that he has taken the drastic step of setting up a gym at home to avoid the temptation altogether. He emphasized his commitment to maintaining a focused and spiritually-aligned lifestyle, even if it meant sacrificing the convenience of a public gym.

    You ladies have made up your mind to prevent Nigerian men from going to heaven but it won’t work because I’ve left the gym. I’ve set up a gym in my house because I cannot cope. I want to make heaven,” he concluded.

    The revelation by the actor has mixed reactions on social media. Hear more from him in the video below and share your thoughts with us.

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