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    Tiwa Savage recalls the discrimination she faced early in her career

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    Tiwa Savage recalls some of the discrimination she faced in the early days of her career.

    During an interview with BET Talks, Tiwa Savage who recently starred in and executive produced her debut feature film ‘Water & Garri’ talked about her journey from music to movie making.

    According to Tiwa Savage, she faced some discrimination in her early days in the Nigerian music industry because of her sensual dress and style. Speaking with host Unique Chapman, Tiwa Savage stated that she used to be heavily criticised, had her songs banned on terrestrial stations, and even stopped from performing because of her risqué dress and sensual music.

    Tiwa Savage also added that she has heard multiple stories from female artists who passed through similar experiences.

    “They get overlooked and they can’t do soundchecks,” Tiwa Savage said pointing out some of the discriminatory practices. “Initially when I first moved back, I would turn up for a show and they would say I couldn’t perform because of my outfit,” she added.

    Tiwa Savage

    On how she managed to navigate this situation into becoming a music superstar, Tiwa Savage said she decided to double down on her style and profile as a sex symbol.

    “I am very stubborn. So I was like my dress is just going to get shorter and my shirt is going to get more revealing,” She told BET Talks.

    Tiwa Savage also highlighted that while she was getting a lot of stick for her risqué fashion, she was winning the admiration and gaining the support of female fans who helped grow her supporter base to the point that she was she couldn’t be ignored by show promoters and the media.

    Since breaking into the mainstream, Tiwa Savage has become one of Nigeria’s pop music most prominent figures whose music helped create a spin for the female end of the industry.

    She recently diversified into movies after playing the leading role in her debut feature film ‘Water & Garri’ which she also executive produced.

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