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    It was toxic for me – Carolyna Hutchings opens up on why she left RHOLagos

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    This is the first time she is speaking about the show since the second season aired.

    Carolyna Hutchings, the actress who was part of the cast of The Real Housewives a Lagos in its first season, has opened up on why she didn’t return for season two.

    Speaking with Mercy Johnson on the latest episode of her show, Mercy’s Menu she said that her experience on the show was toxic.

    The reason why I left that show was that it was toxic for me, my family, and kids,” Hutchings said. “It wasn’t showcasing me in a positive light. And it wasn’t really showcasing a lot of the women in a positive light. It was more a less ‘come sit down, abuse each other, call each other ridiculous names.’”

    Still speaking on toxicity on the show she added that, “The truth is if you bring drama I give it back to you. And one of the reasons people liked me was because I stood up for myself. You can’t keep bullying people thinking you’re perfect when you also have scales in your eyes.”

    She clarified that she didn’t go to the show for the money. Though the housewives were not paid a salary for appearing on the show, they received an honorarium.

    I was excited. It wasn’t really about the money. It was about adding value to another woman’s life,” she said.

    When I got on the show, it was a different ballgame. It was about talking about my ex-husband who did not sign a contract with me. He has no business with the show. And they are talking about my innocent children,” she said.

    Hutchings said that things went sour for her on the show from the second episode.

    Right from the second episode (talking about my daughter), I was done with the show. I really wanted to leave from that moment. But because I had signed a contract I had to abide by it,” she said.

    I wish them all the best. It’s not for me,” she said.

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