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    Segun Arinze stopped acting because he was being typecast as a bad boy

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    The actor also spoke about being blacklisted in Nollywood.

    Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze has spoken about his journey as a Nollywood actor in a new interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

    In the latest episode of With Chude, which was released on Friday, May 24, 2024, Arinze talked about his success in the Nollywood movie Silent Night (1996), which launched him to stardom for his portrayal of Black Arrow. However, he also discussed how playing the part of a bad boy damaged his psyche and forced him to give up acting.

    There was a time I took a hiatus from acting when people were casting in that mould of bad boy, bad boy and it began to affect my psyche and all that,Arinze said.

    He also spoke to Chude for the first about his divorce from the popular actress, Anne Njemanze. I stayed out of marriage after the first one collapsed. I stayed out for like 12 years before I remarried,” he said.

    According to Jideonwo, Arinze was blacklisted at a time in the Nollywood film industry, but voice-over saved his life.

    “We talk about those terrible years when he was blacklisted by Nollywood, and how voice overs saved his life,” Jideonwo wrote on X.

    Arinze, though known for his work as an actor, it was singing that first shot him into prominence, the release of his debut album, Dream.

    He started his acting career in Ilorin and has further been featured in multiple nollywood films that include, Eye for Eye (1999), Karishika 2 (1999), Vuga (2000), Highway to the Grave (2000), and Invasion 1897 (2014).

    Outside acting movies, Arinze is also an acting coach sharing his knowledge with the next

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