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Chinenye Uyanna Opens Up On Dating Married Men

Chinenye Uyanna has opened on dating married guys at a recent meeting with the Sun as she spoke about the positive and negative sides of stardom.

In accordance with this Anambra born Nollywood actress, a blogger printed a rumour saying that she’s a homewrecker, however, she had been happy as when she moved into the blogger’s webpage, a great deal of people were encouraging her, as well as individuals that didn’t understand her were battling for her. Adding that she wished to respond to her, but when she saw the remarks, she stated there was no requirement since she had an entire army fighting .

Chinenye Uyanna

In my words;

Film has done wonders for me, such as on Instagram, a few people today say I wish to present you something and that they buy things and send. Some will send scents, others are going to send hair goods while others will ship create up kits. Some may even request account number before asking for your telephone number and send cash!

Within my birthday I have nearly N1 million from lovers dashing me money since I did a live movie and that I said’give me my present.’ Before I could say Jackie Robinson some stated’fall your account amount’ I did and bingo! Money was only arriving in. I was shocked since I never anticipated it.

“This Christmas lots of people hurried me matters on Instagram. If I wasn’t doing well I will not be receiving that. Though film can fetch you out, it occasionally can bring out bogus news for you personally. Can it be March or May, there was a blogger, I am not going to mention names since I am not here to make anyone seem hot. The blogger printed a rumour saying that I am a house wrecker. I was happy because when I moved to her webpage, a great deal of people supported meeven individuals that didn’t understand me were battling . I wished to answer her, but once I saw the remarks I stated there wasn’t any requirement, I had an entire army fighting . Trust me, films have done better than bad since that’s the only scandal I’ve seen up to now. Thus far so good, I’m enjoying it.

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