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    We are special and make our mark anywhere – Tiwa Savage describes Nigerians

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    She says that Nigerians make their mark everywhere they go and in everything they do.

    Tiwa Savage has commended the resilient spirit and drive of Nigerians.

    In a recent interview with the British radio station, Kiss Fresh, in a segment hosted by Henrie Kwushue, Savage spoke about her acting debut and her musical career. When asked to describe Nigerians, she laughed heartily before highlighting how special her people are.

    She said, “Nigerians are hustlers. I don’t even know if there’s a word. I feel like we are special and we make our mark anywhere. Even if you’re a taxi driver or a school teacher, a doctor or wherever it is, we will be the best at that.”

    Savage added, “We’re the best at whatever it is we’re doing and I feel like we have that grit in us to just make it in whatever field we are in, we have that quality. We are everywhere.”

    The singer’s statement resonated with Instagram users who expressed their approval and support.

    An Instagram user said, “Indeed, Nigerians make their marks everywhere, for sure. They have left their imprint in Ghana, where numerous individuals go unaccounted for or face homicide, revealing missing body parts in some of the discovered corpses.”

    “She is 100% correct, that’s the reason I love them Nigerians they heavy on everything they doing,” said another user.

    Another Instagram user agreed saying, “Well articulated Tiwa…We are special people. You need at least one good Nigerian in your life. We are friendly, hardworking and respect elders. We share.”

    Watch the full interview below:

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