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    A review of 'African Royalty' by Afrobeats superstar Flavour

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    For nearly 2 decades, Flavour has dazzled listeners with his music that packs his rich Igbo roots and awe-inspiring showmanship.

    The very summit of African music is where he resides, and from where he crafts breathtaking Neo-Highlife records, rubs shoulders with the biggest names, continues to grace the biggest stages, and remains one of the most revered artists on the continent.

    On his 8th album ‘African Royalty,’ Flavour celebrates his status as a king in the African music scene whose reign on the throne continues to endure for two decades as he keeps finding exciting ways to advance Igbo Highlife.

    Flavour has been able to retain his status as a superstar from the mid-2000s down to the rise of Afrobeats mainstream music in the 2010s, and he still retains his grip on the mainstream as Nigerian music is finding its way to different corners of the globe.

    His longevity is underpinned by his consistency in output and quality even as he continues to reinvent himself to fit into the different climate without losing essence.

    Whether he’s crafting African Folk-inspired classics, fusing Highlife with R&B for serenading music, or infusing traditional Igbo elements for party-starting jams, Flavours music carries the cultural richness and sonic allure that defies language and continental barriers.

    He matches his stunning music with a compelling superstar profile he brings to life through his dressing, stagemanship, and lifestyle. He goes by the moniker Ijele 1 of Africa which he borrows from the great Igbo masquerade described as the biggest in sub-Saharan Africa. Like the Ijele Masquerade whose flambouyant regalia and cultural relevance make it the king of all masquerades, Flavours Neo-Highlife music, success, and status make him royalty in his own right.

    It’s this royal status that Flavour celebrates and flaunts on his album ‘African Royalty’ where the elements that underpin his success and longevity are on full display.

    The album offers Flavour’s quintessential qualities as he dazzles across Folk, Highlife, R&B, Gospel, and Afrobeats which he ties together through an impeccable show of confidence and a remarkable infusion of his Igbo culture.

    On the album, Flavour celebrates himself as a king whose throne as the leading Igbo voice in global music is secured and whose status as an African superstar is undisputed. He does this with the swagger of a star and effortless ability of a Highlife maestro.

    For nearly 2 decades, Flavour has consistently put out commercial hit records and he continues this form with ‘Lion’s Den’ and ‘Big Baller’ which are extensions of his 2022 hit ‘Game Changer (Dike)’ with the singles alongside the smash hit ‘Levels’ acting as soundtracks to the fast, famous, and flamboyant life of an international superstar.

    He partners with the exciting Neo-Highlife band The Cavemen for the Highlife record ‘Osiso Osiso’ where he shares nuggets on how to lead a good and fulfilled life. Igbo percussions and the Oja are on display for the mid-tempo ‘Her Excellency’ where he crafts a captivating praise chanting record that boosts his set list for his many recurring performances in elitist gatherings. He offers Igbo gyration music on a chest-thumping record ‘Fearless’ that spotlights Ejyk Nwamba a talent from the South East as Flavour continues to assist other Igbo Highlife artists to break into a bigger market.

    With his music finding listeners across the continent, Flavour steps into his role as a continental powerhouse on the Folk record ‘African Dream’ where he restates his love for the black continent that’s home to his culture.

    Before gaining mainstream success, Flavour performed gospel music as part of his repertoire and this didn’t change after he became a continental star. In ‘Daberechi,’ he crafts a Gospel record as he returns all the credit for his success to God.

    Flavour has consistently shown a remarkable ability to craft the most delightful Highlife record driven by R&B melodies. The serenading love tunes ‘Show Off’ and the sensual ‘Fall In Love’ featuring Ghanaian songstress Efya are cut from the same cloth as his classics ‘Ada Ada’ and ‘Oyi’.

    Across 12 tracks, Flavour offers music that appeals to his wide listener base and packs his cultural essence and artistic identities while also emphasizing his place as a king in the African music scene. The tracks are brilliantly tied together through the celebration of his enduring career, Igbo roots, and an underlining infusion of rich Highlife music.

    Both for listeners who followed his career from the get-go and those who caught up to him when he made mainstream waves, and even new ones being introduced to Nigerian music through Afrobeats’ global surge, ‘African Royalty’ offers culturally rich and easily enjoyable music that brilliantly retains the distinctive signature of one of Africa’s most prolific artists.

    At a time when the Grammy doors seem to be opening for mainstream Nigerian and African music stars with many thanks to Burna Boy‘s commercial and critical exploits, Flavour is one of the artists whose brand of music packs the cultural richness and appeal worthy of the biggest prize in music.

    Ratings: /10

    • 0-1.9: Flop

    • 2.0-3.9: Near fall

    • 4.0-5.9: Average

    • 6.0-7.9: Victory

    • 8.0-10: Champion

    Pulse Rating: /10

    Album Sequencing: 1.8/2

    Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.7/2

    Production: 1.6/2

    Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.7/2

    Execution: 1.7/2

    TOTAL – 8.5- Victory

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