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    Burna Boy slams American blogs over his shaved beard

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    He stressed that he did not shave his beard.

    Nigerian singer Burna Boy has debunked recent reports and clarified that he did not shave his beard again.

    Outraged, the singer took to his Instastory to clear the air regarding the viral pictures that had circulated on social media, stressing that they were old pictures from 2021.

    Burna Boy without his beard

    His post read, “To all you weirdos who depend on @theshaderoom the @shaderoomborough and any other weirdo blogs for your daily news. I shaved my beard in 2021 not now.”

    One of the old pictures of Burna Boy without his beard
    One of the old pictures of Burna Boy without his beard

    The singer slammed the reports, stressing that his many feats achieved were overlooked.

    “But it’s good to know that for all the history I’ve been making and records I’ve been setting and breaking you, PARASITES ONLY CARE ABOUT WHY I MIGHT HAVE FUCKED, who I’m fucking and stupid shit like ‘Burna boy shaved his beard’. I gotta apologise to Nigerian blogs now cuz I thought their stupidity was unique, I didn’t know that they learned all they know from the West,” he said.

    Burna Boy's post slamming the reports [Instagram/BurnaBoygram]
    Burna Boy’s post slamming the reports [Instagram/BurnaBoygram]

    His post attracted a series of reactions from social media users. One Instagram user said, “Ok but donโ€™t shave it again,” and another user said, “No be Naija bloggers tweet the thing but dem still collect wotowoto stray bullet. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚”

    Reactions from Instagram users [Instagram/thetattleroom]
    Reactions from Instagram users [Instagram/thetattleroom]

    On Twitter(now X) users commented on Burna Boy’s now-deleted post. One X user said, “The only one time he had to focus on insulting those Western bloggers, he still dragged Nigerian bloggers in. Baba just used 1 stone to kill 2 birds”, and another user said, “I struggled to recognise him lol.”

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