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    A review of Ajebo Hustlers 'Bad Boy Etiquette 102'

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    On ‘Bad Boy Etiquette 102’ Ajebo Hustlers (Knowledge & Piego) offers insights into the making of a shrewd young man.

    As with the first installment, the continuous pursuit of success, love, and happiness in the face of societal and personal limitations forms coursework for Ajebo Hustlers’ ‘Bad Boy Etiquette 102’ for which they welcome carefully selected guest lecturers.

    Knowledge‘s smooth narrative rap style and Piego‘s supreme melody molding abilities make Ajebo Hustler’s music a fine work of art that thrives on the simplicity of language and compelling relatability.

    Coming from the dire realities of life in Port Harcourt, Ajebo Hustlers are driven to become successful and put their city on the map like other great exports from the oil-rich City. This ambition is conveyed in ‘Dreams II’ on which they recruit on-form hip hop stars Zlatan & Blaqbonez to share what continues to fuel their pursuit for success.

    Focus on their goal and averse to all forms of distractions, On ‘You Go Know’, they restate their desire for stress-free life through a smooth deployment of Port Harcourt pidgin lingo that thrives on Piego’s sheer melody molding brilliance.

    Ajebo Hustlers draws from personal experiences and they share their struggle with addiction on the bouncy record ‘Last Week’ on which Jeriq questions the “smokers are liable to die young” narrative in quintessential street hop star and stoner fashion.

    Ajebo Hustlers

    While their looks and style of music embrace the Port Harcourt tough boy exterior, Ajebo Hustlers often takes off this exterior to display a more emotional side. This exploration of tender matters of the heart forms a bulk of the album as Ajebo Hustlers provide an update on their pursuit of romantic desires.

    On ‘Bad Boy Etiquette 102’, Ajebo Hustlers balances their sonics and ideology with guest artists who offer stock versions of themselves.

    Odumodublvck’s hyper-masculine rap style is complimented by Knowledge’s calm narrative style on ‘Celine Dion’ where Piego’s melodies shine as they blur the lines between love and lust.

    On ‘Kisses II’ they recruited the Magixx, an artist who loves to deep into his emotions to discuss matters of the heart as they admit that even a bad boy can fall hard.

    If listeners learn anything from Ajebo Hustlers’ pursuit of romantic bliss, it’s that it has been far from successful. On the Afro-Swing record ‘Sweet & Sour,’ they combine with Ghanaian superstar King Promise with whom they let out the pain of having a lover with one foot outside the door.

    Listeners get to share Ajebo Hustlers’ painful experience in pursuit of love on ‘Wicked’. The women question will get a chance to have their say thanks to Raebel‘s captivating vocals on the Konto bounce ‘Undecided’ where she accused Knowledge and Piego of being equally hot and cold even as they roll out smooth bars and fine melodies in impressive sweet-talking.

    The art of being a Bad Boy requires introspection and self-awareness. Ajebo Hustlers makes this clear on the rap record ‘No Wam’ where they promise that two can play the game. On the highlife strings of ‘Burn My Cable II,’ where Sarkodie leaves his mark with his trademark flows, Knowledge shares the fuck boy accusations he faces while making no attempt to defend himself.

    On ‘Bad Boy Etiquette 102’ Ajebo Hustlers offers insights into the making of a shrewd young man. By drawing from the realities that forge their talent and drive their ambition, Ajebo Hustlers makes music that captures the nuances of the bad boy lifestyle amidst the continuous pursuit of pleasure. Placing ‘Dreams II’ as the album opener symbolises that personal ambition is superior to emotional and sexual desires while also emphasising the need for confidence and self-awareness in the continuous pursuit of success, love, and happiness.

    Ratings: /10

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    Pulse Rating: /10

    Album Sequencing: 1.6/2

    Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.6/2

    Production: 1.5/2

    Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.5/2

    Execution: 1.6/2

    TOTAL – 7.8

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