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    'BBNaija' star Rachel Edwards speaks on paternity fraud on Pulse Hot Takes

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    Nigeria has the second highest cases of paternity fraud in the world.

    The latest episode of Pulse Hot Takes focuses on the rise of paternity fraud in Nigeria, and the reasons behind it

    Pulse Hot Takes is a weekly YouTube talk show hosted by Elvis Christian and Christabel Ago. Every week the hosts speak with guests on trending issues and dissect problems that Nigerians consistently face. In this episode, they were joined by lifestyle reporter Davy Ben and Big Brother Naija star Rachel Edwards.


    Paternity fraud is a situation where a man is identified as the biological father of a child when he is not, whether intentionally or mistakenly. The issue of paternity fraud is at an all-time high in Nigeria. According to the DNA Centre for Paternity Test in Ikeja Lagos State, six out of every ten paternity tests turn out negative.

    See below what was said in this episode:

    On ‘personal reasons’ for paternity fraud

    Rachel asserted that there might be personal reasons why a person would engage in paternity fraud. She listed shame, fear, and lack of knowledge as potential reasons why a woman would pin a pregnancy on a man.

    “Personally I am not in anybody’s life who has committed paternity fraud. But if we are looking at society, shame could be one thing. It could be fear, it could be anything.”

    On broke men having the best pull-out game

    Davy Ben stated that broke men avoid pregnancies more than rich men because they can’t afford to have a child, therefore they are more careful.

    “Broke men have the best pull-out game. Are you whining broke men? Those guys eh, their pull-out game is strong. Anything to avoid having a child. Having a child is expensive and they don’t want to spend.”

    On opinions about requesting paternity tests

    Elvis said, “If I was a woman and my man came to me saying ‘I want a paternity test,’ I would be heartbroken because if he wants to test if it’s his child. He’s setting a lack of trust. If you feel I’m able to pin another man’s child on you, I would be very hurt. But if it was me, I would do that DNA test if I feel I’m innocent, and after I will file for a divorce.”

    Rachel added, “There should be a reason why you wake up and ask for a paternity test, because if you don’t trust me why would you marry me?”

    Watch the full episode of the Pulse Hot Takes below:

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