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    How Nigerian celebrities showed up at London Fashion Week

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    If there’s one thing Nigerians know how to do, it’s show up in style.

    With London Fashion Week in full swing, there have been numerous sightings of many Nigerian celebrities looking as fabulous as possible at the Burberry SS 24 fashion show.

    Most of them wore Burberry-designed outfits. Here’s who we spotted and what they wore:


    Wizkid looked his best yet at the Burberry show in London. We were green with envy when we saw him in this army green plaid jacket and trousers. I especially loved the cap; it made him look really royal.

    Bukayo Saka

    Bukayo Saka at Burberry SS 24 [gettyimages]

    This footballer wore a black overcoat and pants. Many people made fun of him online for looking like North Korea’s president, Kim Jong Un. I think he looked great; he just lacked charisma and confidence to pull it off.

    Burna Boy

    Burna Boy at LFW [gettyimages]
    Burna Boy at LFW [gettyimages]

    Burna Boy’s the black and white checkered fabric confused our eyes. The print was an optical illusion that hurt the eyes. On the plus side, the fitting of the outfit was perfect.


    Skepta at Burberry SS24 [gettyimages]
    Skepta at Burberry SS24 [gettyimages]

    This Nigerian-British rapper looked very urban in a shirt, green sweater and shorts. I loved how fresh, stylish and relaxed he looked.

    Ebere Eze

    Ebere Eze at Burberry SS24 [gettyimages]
    Ebere Eze at Burberry SS24 [gettyimages]

    This Nigerian-born footballer wore a red turtleneck shirt and trousers in the signature Burberry print. Many people online felt he didn’t look so good, but it’s just a lack of charisma and carriage; he looked alright, though the trousers were a bit ill fitting.


    Tems at Burberry ss24 [Gettyimages]
    Tems at Burberry ss24 [Gettyimages]

    Soulful musician Tems kept it comfy in leather pants and a purple fur coat. Her slippers were quirky and fun and added a nice touch to the look.

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