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    I cried tire – Zlatan Ibile rejoices over friend Oladips' 'resurrection'

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    For anyone who has lost a friend before, you can imagine his relief.

    Nigerian singer Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael, popularly known by his stage name Zlatan Ibile, is happy that Oladips’ ‘death’ was all a big misunderstanding.

    The singer took to his Instagram stories to express his great relief regarding his friend Oladips, whom he, like the rest of the world, had once thought to be dead. He posted a picture of himself with his swollen and tear-streaked face from before, expressing gratitude that his friend is back to life.

    Zlatan made it clear that he was unmoved by the details surrounding Oladips’ passing; he was just simply happy to have his friend back. He then added that during the time he thought he lost Oladips, he had listened to the latter’s new album Superhero Adugbo so much that he memorised the songs.

    Zlatan’s post [Instagram/Zlatan_Ibile}

    He said, “I cry tire, I no care where you go, I just thank God say you come back. The emotion wey I use hear these songs, I fit rap every track word for word.”

    Back when Oladips was announced dead on November 15, 2023, Zlatan was profoundly grief-stricken. He expressed his heartbreak on his Instagram story. He posted old pictures of them taken before their fame, stating that he did not have the words to fully express himself. Then, the circumstances regarding Oladips’ ‘death’ became quite the controversy, with many calling it a publicity stunt.

    Zlatan's post mourning Oladips three weeks ago [Instagram/Zlatan_Ibile]
    Zlatan’s post mourning Oladips three weeks ago [Instagram/Zlatan_Ibile]

    Oladips at the time publicly defended himself, clarifying that he was really sick and was actually unresponsive for the three days he was pronounced dead. He has since apologised to the public.

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