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    Here are the top 10 projects for the first quarter of 2024

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    Here are the top 10 projects for the first quarter of 2024.

    Many Nigerian artists including superstars, veterans, and emerging talents are expected to release new albums in 2024.

    Although the superstars are yet to start dropping their projects, listeners have nevertheless been treated to a collection of exciting LPs and EPs.

    From Timi Dakolo‘s melodious extravaganza that’s ‘The Chorus Leader’ to Illbliss‘ celebratory bars on ‘Sideh Kai’, and Vinny EVA‘s infectiousness on ‘Ease My Pain’, 2024 has gotten off to an impressive start.

    Months in consideration: December 1, 2023 – March 1, 2024

    Projects in consideration – LPs, EPs with a minimum of 5 tracks.

    Criteria for selection: The compelling quality of the project carries the heaviest weight, especially for artists who are not mainstream. Other criteria include commerciality and longevity.

    10. Brume – Rockstar (EP)

    On ‘Rockstar’, Brume crafts a lavish EP that flaunts his talent. While his music carries marked influences from new school superstars who might be his heroes, the bustling sensual melodies belong entirely to him. He’s a Rockstar for whom pleasure-seeking is an art that must be propagated

    9. Vinny EVA & Reachwave Empire – Ease My Pain (EP)

    Newcomer Vinny EVA captures the attention of listeners with an EP that packs the eagerly exciting talent with which he intends to make a name for himself. With velvety vocals, assertive writing, and a wavy delivery, Vinny EVA brings a personal touch to Afrobeat’s exploration that sets his music apart.

    8. Iyanya – Once Upon A Cat

    While the title of Iyanya’s album was derived from an internet troll, it reconciles beautifully with the content which offers an admirable and enjoyable listening experience. The veteran star called on a crop of emerging stars who are eager to impress with T Dollar, Qing Madi, M3lon, and Dai Verse standing out.

    7. Jeriq & Psycho YP – Evil Twins (EP)

    Indigenous hip-hop star Jeriq combined his definitive baritone with Psycho YP’s swaggering trap flows for a joint EP that balances local and foreign hip-hop elements. The exciting samplings on the production, the chest-thumping bars, and the swaggering delivery combine for an enjoyable listen.

    6. Yarden – The One Who Descends (EP)

    Fast-rising sensation Yarden offers listeners a comprehensive taste of his music that’s leisurely crafted to showcase his unique approach to Afrobeats. The EP combines bold multi-genre-fusing production and Yarden elastic melodies to offer an ingenious take on Afropop music.

    5. Seyi Vibez – NAHAMciaga (EP)

    On ‘NAHAMciaga’, Seyi Vibez tapped into his Yoruba roots to craft street-leaning records that emphasize his place as the leading voice in Nigerian Street music. Irrespective of the poor execution, NAHAMciaga’ shows the artistic evolution and range many listeners wanted to see from Seyi Vibez.

    4. Ric Hassani – Afro Love

    On his third album Afro Love, Ric Hassani domesticates R&B to tell an enjoyable African love story that draws from his vulnerabilities while also encouraging Black men to explore their emotions.

    Deploying different Nigerian indigenous genres including Folk, Highlife, Afrobeats, and even the South African Amapiano, Ric Hassani crafts an album that appeals to the sensitivity of Nigerians and rolls back the years on the R&B music that shaped the Afrobeats soundscape in the early 2000s.

    Across 15 songs, Ric Hassani offers love anthems that help those lacking the words to express their feelings and those swimming in love to soundtrack the moment.

    3. Illbliss – Sideh Kai

    15 years after releasing his debut album ‘Dat Ibo Boy’, Illbliss looks back on his journey to fame which forms the blueprint for those who came after him. As the head of the family, Illbliss deploys a communal approach in celebrating his success and highlighting his status in the game.

    A student of hip hop and a battle-tested veteran of Nigerian music with the success to match, on ‘Sideh Kai’ Illbliss makes an album that brings together the generation of listeners who have followed his music.

    His chest-thumping and thought-provoking lines while infectious and awe-inspiring can be overwhelming for the average listener. Illbliss manages this by exploring a robust collection of beats and recruiting the assistance of exciting artists for a rounded project.

    2. Timi Dakolo – The Chorus Leader (TCL)

    On ‘TCL’, Timi Dakolo assumes the position of the conductor of his orchestra as he crafts an album that flows smoothly and transitions beautifully across genres and themes while gripping listeners for 61 minutes as they make their way to a gratifying finish.

    Timi Dakolo achieves a fine balance of genres in ‘TCL’ as he makes music that at its core, appeals primarily to listeners whose sonic taste palettes are formed by the sonics that drive contemporary gospel music and a demographic who enjoys a modern take on Nigerian indigenous music.

    1. Flavour – African Royalty

    On his 8th album ‘African Royalty,’ Flavour celebrates his status as a king in the African music scene whose reign on the throne continues to endure for two decades as he keeps finding exciting ways to advance Igbo indigenous music.

    The album offers Flavour’s quintessential qualities as he dazzles across Folk, Highlife, R&B, Gospel, and Afrobeats, which he ties together through an impeccable show of confidence and a remarkable infusion of his Igbo culture.

    Both for listeners who followed his career from the get-go and those who caught up to him when he made mainstream waves, and even new ones being introduced to Nigerian music through Afrobeats’ global surge, ‘African Royalty’ offers culturally rich and easily enjoyable music that brilliantly retains the distinctive signature of one of Africa’s most prolific artists.

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