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    Nobody deserves to win BBNaija – Reality TV star Maryanne Ahneeka

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    She says that winning the show is mostly by luck.

    Former Big Brother Naija housemate Maryanne Ahneeka has stated that no housemate in the Big Brother house has done anything to deserve the cash price.

    Ahneeka aired her stance during her guest appearance on the recent episode of the Terms and Conditions podcast. She stressed that unlike talent shows which have criteria for choosing winners, BBNaija does not. She therefore asserted that no housemate “deserves” the prize in her opinion.

    “Hear it from me from here to the end of time, especially for Big Brother Nigeria; nobody deserves that money,” she said.

    “There is nothing that you do that is deserving of the money. Is it because you slapped somebody today that makes you deserving? It’s not a talent show that’s ‘Oh she sings the best or dances the best.’ it’s just a bunch of people in the house,” she added.

    Ahneeka went further, clarifying what she meant by “deserving,” stressing that a winner’s win is simply by luck.

    “When I say ‘deserve’ I mean it in comparison to others in the house. That’s what I mean. All of you were in the house doing whatever you’re doing, so what is it that you’re doing that makes you so special that you think that you deserve that money and the other person does not? It’s all just luck, even for the winner, what did you do? There’s nothing tangible to guide you as the winner, no score sheet or criteria to win,” the reality star said.

    See the full interview below:

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