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    Young John says he was once chased off the set of a music video

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    He says that this was his most embarrassing moment.

    Nigerian singer and producer Young John has recounted the time he was chased away from the front of a camera during the video shoot of a song that he co-produced.

    In a recent interview with MTV Base Africa, the artiste was asked a variety of questions and one of those questions was about his most embarrassing moment ever. He then recalled an incident from his humble beginnings at the YBNL record label, as a music producer.

    He began, “Nobody loves to say their embarrassing moments but I remember a time, some years ago on the set of ‘Awon Goons Mi’ by Olamide. The song was produced by Pheelz and I, but Unlimited LA was shooting the video.”

    The singer recalled how embarrassed he felt after being chased away from the front of the camera, stating that at the time, he felt like entering the ground.

    “At the time I was new to the YBNL, setting so I feel like he probably didn’t know me or just didn’t recognise me. So everyone was doing one by one to the front of the camera, you know ‘shoutout si awon goons mi’, and then it was my turn. So when I got to the front, Unlimited was like ‘Get out of here, get out of here’. I wanted to die. It felt like the ground should open up and swallow me. But yeah, that’s in the past now,” he concluded.

    See the full interview below:

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