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    I never wanted to become an actor – 'Afamefuna' actor Chuks Joseph reveals

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    He fell in love with the process of filmmaking after attending a film school.

    Fast-rising Nollywood actor Chuks Joseph has revealed that even though he is a film lover,

    becoming an actor was never in his plans.

    Speaking during a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria, the actor detailed how he stepped into the acting world. When asked his reason behind choosing the life of an actor, he stressed that he never actually wanted to.

    He said, “There wasn’t a definitive reason to become an actor. I never wanted to become an actor. It just happened over time. It wasn’t like my childhood dream or a teenage dream. It just happened. I always loved movies and watched a lot of films so over time my love for films just grew.”

    Detailing the origin of his career, Joseph revealed that it all began after he entered a modelling contest in which he had come second place, and the prize was a scholarship to a film school.

    “I did a modelling contest and I was the first runner up, so I had the option of either going to a fashion class or a film school, and as a lover of film I decided to go to a film school. Seeing what filmmaking was like, I fell totally in love,” he explained.

    “I got an opportunity to go into a film class in Lagos. The experience was amazing being able to see how films were being made. It’s like loving chocolate and coming to a chocolate factory and you see how the process is and you decide to start working at a chocolate factory,” Joseph concluded.

    He soon rose to fame after starring in the popular Linda Ikeji film Dark October in 2023 and the Netflix series The Origin Madam Koi Koi.

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