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    A review of 'Celine Vol 1' by Plug Music

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    If one thing stands out among the current crop of Nigerian female acts, it’s the willingness to collaborate.

    Plug Music has consistently shown a readiness to support rising talents and their latest effort sees them assemble emerging female stars who flaunt Afrobeats star power.

    ‘Celine Vol 1’ EP was released to mark the 2024 International Women’s Day. Across 5 tracks, 13 female talents combine their talents for an infectious EP that showcases the diversity of talent that abound in Afrobeats.

    The feminine energy that defines the EP grips listeners from the opening record where Aema‘s stunning dancehall fusing flows combine smoothly with Firefly‘s soft vocals as the duo offers a peek into the quintessential capriciousness of the feminine emotions.

    The supercharged sensual melodies of ‘Hot Box’ are achieved through the brilliant synergy of Oiza, Meyi, Peb, Reynbow, and Yoma who combine their vocals into one wholesome piece. The singularity of purpose on this record is a testament to the good A&R job from those who put the artists together and guided their artistic direction.

    Raebel supplies the no-nonsense feminine energy in ‘You Need To’ where her definitive warnings to a slacking lover are hidden in the steamy melodies that drive the record.

    TatianOtc, AddyOx, and Psyy’s brought the girl boss vibe to the album with badass lyrics that capture their defiance and confidence and genre-fusing flow that holds their confidence.

    The comprehensive project comes to a soothing stop with Mario and Draycee‘s ‘Open Your Eyes’ where the introspective rap verse is complemented by genre-bending melodies.

    ‘Celine Vol 1’ was crafted to celebrate women and it achieves this while also offering listeners a peek into the abilities of the women who joined their talents for a seamless project. Above all, they achieve the purpose of girl power as they shine individually and as a whole.

    Pulse Rating: /10

    Album Sequencing: 1.5/2

    Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.5/2

    Production: 1.5/2

    Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.5/2

    Execution: 1.5/2

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