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    People are threatening to kill me and my son Liam – Mohbad's widow Wunmi

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    She also stressed that Mohbad’s father should get a court order for the DNA test.

    Mohbad’s widow Wunmi has tearfully taken to Instagram claiming that her life and her son’s life are in jeopardy.

    The late singer’s wife hosted an Instagram live session in the late hours of March 28, 2024, and tearfully opened up about the bullying she has faced.

    “Ilerioluwa would never forgive me if I don’t fight for Liam. He thought keeping quiet was the answer until he died and he had no chance to fight but I Wunmi would fight to my last blood when it comes to my son. People are threatening to gun me down and threatening to kidnap me and my son and I have kept quiet,” she said.

    Calling on Nigerians for help, Wunmi opened up about the restricted lifestyle she leads due to the consistent threats she receives from the public.

    She said, “I can’t even go out in public for fear of my life. My son can’t enjoy the things that other kids are enjoying because of you guys. Why? You’re taking my son’s right to freedom from him. I am Calling Nigerians to come to my aid. If they eventually kill me please let Liam live, please I’m begging. I am too young for these things you’re putting me through. Nigerians is it until I die? When my husband came out, he was labelled a drug dealer and now they’re using DNA test to keep me shut.”

    Mohbad and their son Liam

    She likened her treatment to her late husband’s, asserting that he too was bullied by influencers on social media. Wunmi then declared that she would fight to protect her son from the public.

    “I’m never going to keep shut for Liam. Abuse me all you want but don’t come for Liam because I will fight for him with all my life and I will protect him because I’m the only parent he has left.”

    Wunmi concluded, “Tell Baba to get a court order for the DNA to be done. He isn’t getting the court order because he is happy that my son is getting bashed daily. Everyone is telling me to keep shut I won’t keep shut. Help me!”

    Mohbad passed away on September 12, 2023, and since then his widow has faced backlash and public clamouring for a DNA test for their son including from her father-in-law. In October 2023, Mohbad’s father had an interview with BBC Pidgin where he stated that a DNA test should be conducted, considering the widespread clamouring for it.

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