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    Harrysong says his wife got pregnant for another man when married to him

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    This comes after their chats were leaked in January 2024.

    Nigerian singer Harrysong has alleged that his estranged wife Alexer Peres got pregnant by another man while married to him.

    The singer made this allegation in an Instagram Live session on May 26, 2024. In a viral clip from his stream, he claimed that Alexer’s mother had been married multiple times and was unfaithful in her last marriage.

    “My ex-wife’s mother just married her seventh or sixth husband yet she is still cheating in that marriage. That’s the kind of family I married into,” he began.

    Harrysong also claimed that after he had stopped sleeping with Alexer for almost a year, she came to him and told him that she had conceived. However, he stressed that said pregnancy was not his because they had had no marital relations for months.

    Harrysong and Alexer have two children together [AsliceofNaija]

    He said, “My wife came to inform me that she was pregnant when I stopped sleeping with her for almost a year…almost a year! She was pregnant for another man inside my marriage. The only thing I did was to ask her to return to her family. I needed time to get to know her because I didn’t know who she really was. I married her because people said she was a loyal, humble and a God-fearing Christian.”

    Recall that on January 18, 2024, leaked screenshots showed heated conversations between the couple. In one of the screenshots, Harrysong appeared angry at her for refusing to terminate a pregnancy.

    Excerpts from their conversation that leaked online
    Excerpts from their conversation that leaked online

    “And please this is the third time I’m repeating this to you, take off that pregnancy, I will not be responsible for no more child from you. Take it off now, since you have abandoned my grandmother and refused to cook in the house with the 100k I just sent to you just now? You can use that 100k to go take off the pregnancy, final,” the screenshot read.

    In his Instagram Story post later that day, Harrysong acknowledged that his family was going through a rough patch, and requested privacy from the general public. Alexer in turn announced that she “was done.”

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