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    Actor Uzor Arukwe says actors need to learnt to accept criticism

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    The actor spoke about the values of criticism and feedback.

    Nollywood actor Uzor Arukwe discussed the benefits of criticism in an interview with Top Charts Africa on Monday, May 27, 2024. He said in the interview that criticism is a vital instrument for personal development.

    I love criticism and feedback because it helps you to become a better actor. You can’t be an actor if you’re not open to criticism,” he said.

    Arukwe highlighted that actors need to learn how to take feedback and criticism, even if they don’t agree with it.

    An actor doesn’t need to love criticism, but they must learn to accept it,” he said.

    He also shed light on being a great actor which he said goes beyond flawlessly delivered lines. “There are too many factors involved. One, for me, is the ability to listen and react accordingly. Also, mastering stillness is important too. In this part of the world, we’re taught to react to everything and every situation. But, in reality, people don’t have to react to every utterance and situation. For me, the ability of an actor to attentively and honestly listen and be still is what makes a great actor,” he said.

    He went further, challenging the notion that acting is simply memorising and delivering lines.

    Acting isn’t really about the lines, but, about how you perform in a natural way that makes people question if you’re acting or not,” he said.

    The Nollywood actor, Arukwe, has always been seen as a talented actor for many years now. He made his acting debut in the Nollywood film Unspoken Truth in 2014 but gained recognition in the film Code Wilo (2019), where he played the role of Sergeant Tutu.

    Arukwe has been in multiple Nollywood films that include, In Line, Sugar Rush, The Set Up, Hire a Woman, Kpali, Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke, and A Tribe Called Judah.

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