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Revealing To You The Himba Tribes Who Offer FREE SEX To Visitors And Do Not Cleanse Their Bodies

The Himba are commonly referred to as Ovahimba or Omhimba people living in the Kunene region of Namibia. If you wonder why this nation is terrific, we can tell you one of their traditions.

They offer free sex to their guests, and again, they decorate newborns with beaded sleeves. As if this were not enough, the community lives alone and is concerned about its external contacts. People work hard to make sure that outsiders do not defile their beliefs and customs.

You can see why we are curious about these people who have not embraced civilization. Himba people are mainly pastoralists and farmers, while their wives are very busy collecting firewood, cooking, serving foods, and getting fresh water.
Some of the inhabitants are socially tended and deeply religious, turning their backs on and worshipping their ancient gods.

Polygamy is acceptable, and young girls get married at a young age.
Although polygamy is rare in Africa, it is widespread across the continent.
However, not taking their baths is surprising. Before the catastrophe, they do not need a water bath because of the bad weather in their region.

Himba people live in one of the highest conditions; Bad desert climate and lack of tangible water are why this nation is having so hard to find a bath.

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Their lack of a bathing suit does not mean that they look horrible. When you find them wearing their traditional attire, they seem gorgeous, while others are characterized exposed as a woman

As they bathe a lot, they apply red ocher to their skin and use a daily bath of smoke to keep them clean.

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The charcoal saws are thrown into a container full of herbs, and then the smoke is allowed to rise, and people bow to this smoking pot, and because of the heat, the body explodes and helps to cleanse the body.
People are friendly to strangers and visitors but will not allow any disruption to their culture

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