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    Shan George: Nollywood veteran becomes victim of ₦3.6m bank fraud

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    Shan George appealed for help in a sombre-filled video posted on her Instagram account on Saturday.

    Nollywood veteran, Shan George, has wept in a social media video after her Zenith Bank account was wiped of ₦3.6m by an individual identified as Cecilia Chiagoziem Okoro.

    The actress disclosed the incident in a post on her Instagram account on Friday, May 3, 2024.

    She appealed to Nigerians to help retrieve her money, which she said was wired into an OPay account.

    “I’m left koboless right now, wetin I go eat wit my children 😢😢😢😢. @zenithbankplc please help me, my account at zenith has been wipped clean just now, paid into Opay.

    “Pls help me reverse it. Opay customer’s name Cecilia Chiagoziem Okoro. Pls refund my money,” she captioned the video post.

    In the video, George said, “I am begging everybody, please Zenith bank, Opay, Abeg make una help me. I take God beg una.

    “I don’t have any kobo anywhere again, what will I eat? I no fit beg, I beg una, make una help me.

    “EFCC, Nigerian police, abeg, I don’t know the authorities, Zenith bank, I am begging you people.

    “It’s just today, 3rd of May, it’s not even up to an hour ago from now that I am doing this video.”

    In another video on Saturday, the Nollywood veteran was seen weeping profusely, saying “The worst part is that today is Saturday, I can’t even go to the bank.

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