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    Ayra Starr opens up about how she handles emotional moments on stage

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    I feel like I cry every time,” she said.

    In a recent interview with Cool FM, Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ayra Starr opened up about how she manages her emotions on stage.

    The rising star confessed that she often finds solace in crying and stressed that she cries a lot a lot when going through a rough patch.

    In the interview, Starr disclosed, “I feel like I cry every time. I’m very emotional, and I like to let it out. One minute I’m crying, and the next I’m on stage like yeah, and nobody knows I just finished crying.”

    The singer went on to narrate a particularly challenging experience during a show where she faced multiple issues, whilst feeling unwell.

    “I can’t remember what show it was exactly, but there was one where I was having issues with sound and I was having cramps and I also felt sick. But I told myself that “‘ have to give them a good show,'” said Ayra Starr.

    Despite these challenges, she was determined to deliver a memorable performance for her fans.

    She added: “People were tweeting and girls were DM-ing me their skirts. Everyone was excited to see me, but I didn’t feel like I was going to give them a great show, and I was sad, and it took me a lot to leave my bed and come up on that stage, and I was crying so much.”

    Ayra Starr also highlighted the importance of her mother’s support during such moments. She shared how she reached out to her mother, who reassured her with comforting words. The singer recounted one instance when her mother suggested she come home if things were challenging.

    “My mum was the first person I called. My mum would always answer even at 3 am Nigerian time. And she’d be like ‘If it’s like that come home, nobody send you work.’ And I was in Australia and I told her ‘I can’t come home, I’m in Australia,'” she narrated.

    The singer stated that she was able to deliver a remarkable show despite the issues she faced.

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