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    Kanayo O. Kanayo encourages the public to learn to be grateful

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    He urges individuals to cultivate a mindset of thankfulness.

    Renowned Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo highlighted the importance of gratitude in interpersonal relationships.

    On July 8, 2024, the actor took to Instagram to express concern over what he perceives as a growing trend of ingratitude among people.

    He asked, “Hello, my friends, I have one question. Why are people very ungrateful?”

    “You do somebody a favour by sending him or her money and the person receives it and sends you a text saying’seen.’ seen? Come on! Do you think it’s your right? That’s an inheritance mentality; people are like this and it doesn’t show that you are ungrateful,” he added.

    The veteran actor further admonished against selfishness, saying, “Look, gratitude unspoken is ingratitude spoken. It’s not your right so learn to be grateful for whatever someone does for you. That way, the person will be encouraged to do more. Stop being selfish; be grateful because nobody owes you anything. Have a beautiful week ahead.”

    Kanayo’s fans and followers took to the comment section to express their support on the matter.

    An Instagram user wrote, “That `Seen’ na when the money no reach wetin you dey expect. Some people no sabi pretend. Me, I will tell you thank you but e no from my heart. `Entitlement mentality, maybe. But some people can’t pretend; they will just type the `seen’ squeeze face dey complain. Still `entitlement mentality.'”

    Some comments on Kanayo's post [Instagram/Kanayo O.Kanayo]
    Some comments on Kanayo’s post [Instagram/Kanayo O.Kanayo]

    “Seen. That’s the last time I will ever send them anything,” said another user.

    Another user agreed with the actor, saying, “I am telling you! They are many on that table! I don’t even understand how we got here!”

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