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    Seun Kuti says becoming a father is his greatest achievement in life

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    He reveals that he has a daughter with whom he is not close.

    Musician and activist Seun Kuti has opened up about fatherhood and shared how becoming a father has been the greatest thing he has achieved in his life.

    Speaking with media personality Timi Agbaje during a recent interview, the musician spoke about the joy of raising his daughter. He acknowledged that he has another daughter with whom he has no relationship because he has no relationship with her mother.

    He said, “The greatest thing I have ever achieved is becoming a father, having my daughter, being with her, and raising her. I have two kids but I’m not really close to my other daughter but to have the joy of that is the greatest achievement of my life for sure.”

    Confused, Timi Agbaje asked, “How do you have two daughters but you’re close to one and not the other? Were you a single father before you married?”

    “No, it’s complicated circumstances; no family is perfect, you know, but I’m not close to the mother of my other daughter. I wasn’t married when I had my other daughter; interestingly, I had only had premarital sex twice before my first daughter was born,” he explained.

    Seun Kuti is married to Yetunde Kuti, who was once his backup dancer. The pair narrated their love story during an interview on TVC, noting that they both liked each other long before they even got together.

    “I’ve known Seun for a long time but we never used to talk because he was older than me, obviously. I eventually met him again through his cousin and then I started working with them as a dancer because I loved to dance. His cousin was also a dancer,” Yetunde said.

    They then got legally married in 2020 after living together for a while and having a child together.

    See the Seun Kuti’s interview with Timi Agbaje below:

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