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    Why I dropped out of medical school in my final year – Perruzi

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    He could not tell his father when he dropped out.

    Nigerian singer Peruzzi has explained his reasons for dropping out of medical school in his final year.

    Speaking on the Zero Conditions Podcast, the artiste explained how mentally drained he was while studying Medicine and Surgery in Ukraine. He stressed that he was simply done with the course and could go no further, adding that he wanted to follow his passion in music.

    “I got tired for real, for real. I never felt like that in my life. I was done, like everything about me, in my head I was done with medicine. And that was when I was about to start my final year so it was a lot. I had written my first MD already at the time. It wasn’t about how long I had left at the time, it was about me not wanting to do anything again. I didn’t want to do it anymore,” said Peruzzi.

    Peruzzi studied at the Odessa National University in Ukraine up until his fifth year, and at that point the burden of Medical School began to overwhelm him leading to his to return to Nigeria. He was able to confide in his mother about how he had been feeling in school and why he wanted to return, and she gave him one condition for his return.

    He continued; “I really got tired, my entire being was tired so I left on the first of January and I didn’t even have my passport, I had lost it. So I went to the embassy and they have me a travel letter because I needed to leave that urgently. When I got back the only person I told was my mum. I was able to explain how bad I was feeling and she said I should make sure to come back with my school result and everything from the first year to show that I was in school so I did.”

    Upon his return to Nigeria, he could not tell his father why he was home and his mother had not told him either. Peruzzi then told the hosts of the podcasts that members of his father’s church at the time started to whisper among themselves that he had dropped out, because he was home during a non-holiday period.

    Despite dropping out of school, the singer seems to harbour no regrets about his decision.

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