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Varieties Of Teeth And Their Everyday Problems

Out of the thirty-two total teeth we have, the incisors take up eight of the. They are found in the front part of the mouth and four sets.

Teeth are the hardest part of the human body, and the opposite is one of the hardest. However, for the most part, it is often overlooked because of its small size and position.

They are also useful for a variety of daily activities, such as food. Nevertheless, there are four types of teeth: incisors, molar, premolar, and canine.

The incisors

It is the upper part of the teeth and the fourth lower part of the teeth, which we used to cut food every day.

The Canines

The canines have sharp teeth like fangs, and they are used for tearing food. They are four in number and arranged separately on each side of the mouth, one on the lower jaw and the other on the upper jaw.

The premolar

The premolar is another type of tooth that is said to be chewing and digesting. It is eighty in number and also known as bicuspids.

Sometimes called flexible teeth, underground structures are in between canine and molar teeth. There are two front structures in each set of teeth, making eight structures explode in the mouth.

The Molar

The molar has other types of teeth, and for chewing and digesting food.

Sometimes called the mother tooth, the molars are eight numbers, arranged in pairs on both sides of the jaw; two above and two below each part of the jaw.

However, some of the molars that form in human life are called famous teeth, two in number form one at each end of the lower jaw.

Despite this, as mentioned earlier, our teeth are small. Still, they play a vital role in the overall development of the body.

Besides, one thing that drives home the point is that tooth decay affects the rest of the body. That is why one needs to make every effort to prevent common dental problems by keeping them clean and healthy.

Here are some common dental problems:

1. Halitosis

It is also known as oral thrush. Halitosis is one of the most debilitating and embarrassing dental diseases. It can lead to public embarrassment and the protection of others.

Halitosis can cause tooth decay.

2. Tooth decay

Tooth decay is another common dental disease. It has caused the accumulation of acidic sugars added to the sugary foods we eat and the accumulated list in our teeth.

However, regular brushing can help to prevent it.

3. Periodontal disease or gum

The periodontal disease usually in by redness, painful gums, and delicate teeth. Also, brushing teeth every morning and night can help to prevent it.

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