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    6 major highlights from Ilebaye on 'BBNaija All Stars'

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    She is popularly known as the Gen Z Baddie of this season.

    Over nine weeks in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house, Ilebaye made it to the last week as one of the finalists this season.

    She came in as the youngest housemate and ever since has had fans and viewers with the constant thought of whether or not her controversial moments were one of her strategies in the game.

    From several altercations to winning wager games and then the ultimate HOH immunity, we have sieved through to pick some of what is described as her epic highlights on the show.

    So here are six major highlights from her stay so far:

    Physical altercation with Cee-C and Doyin

    Many were shocked at how things quickly turned out after the housemates’ second Saturday night party on August 6, 2023. Ilebaye and Cee-C had their very first altercation which was a bit about Doyin’s friendship with Ilebaye. Other housemates were seen to have withdrawn from intervening in the matter as this was Ilebaye’s third altercation in the house already.

    The back and forth didn’t end there as she was seen to have pulled Cee-C and was also said to have chocked Doyin in the garden bathroom. However, the physical contact with Doyin was the only one not captured to the seeing of viewers.

    Received the first strikes of the season

    As a result of the altercation with Cee-C and Doyin, Big Brother found Ilebaye guilty of breaking the house rules against fights and physical contact. She was issued a double strike, which made it the very first strike from Big Brother for the All Stars season.

    Won ultimate Head-of-House challenge

    On Monday, September 18, 2023, Ilebaye wrestled the toughest HOH game to claim the ultimate immunity card. After going head-to-head with eight other All Stars housemates she won the dicey game of balancing on a platform for over two hours.

    This win automatically made her the second finalist as she escaped possible eviction that week.

    Victim of Ike’s ultimate prank

    Ilebaye was sadly at the forefront of the receiving end of Ike’s meanest schemes while on the show.

    She was woken up to see the mess that had happened to her clothes which were littered on the bathroom floor. Housemates as well as Ilebaye were in shock and in the dark as to who could have perpetrated such an act up until Big Brother revealed Ike as the culprit.

    Became the ultimate Super Commando woman

    Ilebaye won Super Commando’s ultimate task for the All Stars housemates. Beating the challenge set of obstacles in record time, she became the ultimate Super Commando female alongside Neo.

    Has had the most fights so far on the show

    Ilebaye has had the most altercations on BBNaija All Stars so far. They include:

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