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    Odunlade Adekola never asked me out – Eniola Ajao debunks dating rumours

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    She stressed that people would always speculate, but that does not make the them true.

    Nollywood actress and filmmaker Eniola Ajao has debunked claims that she and actor Odunlade Adekola were romantically involved.

    In a recent interview with Tribune Newspaper, the thespian was asked about her views regarding the speculations about her and her colleague. She clarified that Odunlade is like family to her and that it had always been that way before she attained stardom.

    “Wherever you are, always make your impact known. Show people that you are there to support. I have always made myself available for Odunlade Adekola Films production even before I became who I am. I have been in the industry since 2003 and I didn’t blow till 2010/2011 when God used this man to push me out there. So whenever he has something to do, I just pick up my bag and I go. I don’t care what anybody wants to say.”

    She also said that her support for him stems from the support he has shown her.

    “He has always been in support of my career and I have always been in support of whatever he is doing, even with his family, I will be there. Those things are not online, and the fact that they don’t come on social media doesn’t mean they are not happening. People will always speculate but it doesn’t mean it is true,” she said.

    “I am not the only one under Odunlade Adekola, but I am a family person. If you give me one naira, I will make sure I repay you with ten naira. That is my spirit. So when Odunlade is doing stuff, I am always there. So, to people, it looks like these people are dating…There was never a time he asked me out,” she concluded.

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