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    Laycon spreads love on the street on 'Shine'

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    Sensation rapper and singer becomes street Santa Claus.

    Laycon struck a chord with the Nigerian audience, creating a ripple effect that extended far beyond the reality show, with his hit single ‘Fierce’.

    Not resting on the laurels of his victory, Laycon used the newfound platform to solidify his presence in the music industry. With an unwavering work ethic and vision, he released his debut album ‘Shall We Begin’ signaling the rise of an era.

    Two years after, Laycon returns with his sophomore album titled ‘BIOBA’ meaning “Like A King” serves as a declaration of Laycon’s self-belief in his potential.

    Laycon understands that being a King, means you take care of your community and that is what he does in the music video ‘Shine’ as he dedicates his time and resources to uplift and support those in need.

    Speaking on his decision to spread love on the street in a music video that will remind viewers of Drake‘s ‘God’s Plan’, Laycon said:

    “For me, the Shine video was a way to connect my light to the source of its power. And the source of this power are the people, the people around me, you, us. I think we are the source of each other’s light and as we shine, other people shine through us and vice versa.”

    In the Laycon spreads love to the students via school fees coverage; to the drivers, he pays for their fuel and to all from different roots, homes and beliefs he covers their shopping expenses at the shopping mall.

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