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    I feel like people say what they say for attention – Singer Simi

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    She also emphasised that people should respect her because she deserves to be respected and not because she’s married.

    Nigerian singer Simi has broken her silence after being dragged on social media by music producer Samklef.

    The singer appeared as a guest on the recent episode of the Way Up podcast hosted by Angela Yee, where she was asked about the recent drama she was caught in with the producer.

    Simi revealed that while she was being defended by her husband Adekunle Gold, and her fans, she was rather confused and unfazed by the producer’s outburst.

    “I don’t know why these people keep talking about me. Even when you look at what they’re saying, you can’t pick anything from it and I’m still confused. I was talking to my friend about this and I was like ‘I don’t feel anything about this and it doesn’t impact me. I don’t have anything to hide. The whole thing is all comedy to me,'” she explained.

    The artiste also spoke about people who defended her on the basis that she was a married woman, stressing that when it comes to being respected by others, the reasons should not be because she is married or a mother, but simply because she deserves it.

    “I saw a lot of people defending me and saying ‘Why would he be talking to a married woman like that?’ You don’t respect me just because I’m married. You are to respect me because I deserve to be respected. I have also seen people defending me and saying ‘She has a kid don’t do that.’ I say, ‘Don’t do that to me, period.'”

    Recall that on May 6, Samklef accused her of being ungrateful and setting him up for online dragging. At the time, Adekunle Gold warned him against speaking about his wife and her fans came to her defence as well.

    Speaking to the host about the matter, Simi stated that she simply had nothing to say about it.

    “It seems like I should have more to say about this but there’s really nothing to say. I feel like they say these things because they want some kind of attention and that’s why I have nothing to contribute. These things shouldn’t be happening you know. But I take it all in strides and keep it moving,” she said.

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