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    BBN's Whitemoney says he loves being dragged online because of engagements

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    He says that the public should never stop dragging him.

    BBNaija star and singer Whitemoney has opened up about not fazed by negative comments online especially since he started his music.

    In a recent interview with fellow reality TV star Doyinsola David, Whitemoney revealed that he enjoys getting dragged online for two reasons; profit and engagement.

    “Do you get offended or discouraged by negative comments?” Doyin asked.

    In response, Whitemoney said, “To be honest, I’ve said this before and I’d say it again, any person who gets offended by negative comments in this era is someone who does not have a monetised page. Do you understand?”

    The singer stressed that he loves the engagement that comes with the negative comments because it brings him money and makes him do better in his craft.

    He said, “I love those comments because they do two things for me. Number one, It propels me to do better with every release. And number two I love it ’cause it’s engagement. So when you drag me, you feel that you’re being yourself or you’re doing me or hurting me. You’re doing me a favour because all the pages are monetised.”

    Whitemoney, in between laughter, then asked the public to continue dragging him because it gets him paid.

    “The more you drag me the more traffic you bring for people to go and view what they’re dragging about. The more I earn a dollar. So I love it, don’t stop dragging me. Never give up, I enjoy it, please drag me,” he concluded.

    See the full interview below:

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