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    Elsa Majimbo apologises after accidentally sharing intimate video with her followers

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    Expressing embarrassment and regret, Elsa Majimbo issues an apology after accidentally sharing an intimate video intended for her boyfriend

    Popular content creator Elsa Majimbo found herself in an embarrassing situation after inadvertently sharing a private video meant for her boyfriend with her followers.

    The incident, which occurred on the Threads platform, sparked a wave of reactions from fans and followers.

    Elsa Majimbo’s mishap

    Elsa Majimbo, known for her humorous content and fashion check videos, accidentally uploaded an intimate video onto the Threads platform.

    Comedian Elsa Majimbo

    According to Elsa, it took her approximately 18 hours to realise the error and promptly remove the video.

    Expressing her embarrassment and regret, Elsa took to her social media accounts to apologise for the inappropriate content shared with her followers.

    Elsa Majimbo’s apology and explanation

    In a series of apologetic tweets, Elsa expressed remorse for exposing her followers to the unintended content.

    “I feel so bad for exposing uncalled-for content on my crowd. So sorry bout that video guys, honest mistake. Love you’ll,” Elsa began.

    Elsa Majimbo
    Elsa Majimbo

    She urged them to disregard the video, emphasizing that it was intended for her partner and not for public consumption.

    “If anyone has seen that sexy video I am so sorry. That was meant for my man. Not social media. Forget and act like you did not see,” she further wrote

    Elsa further reiterated her apology on TikTok, highlighting the importance of double-checking content before sharing it on social media platforms.

    “If you’ve seen that video, number one please ignore it. Two always check what you post. It will give you a reflection of life after you see yourself on a social media platform. I just wanted to say I’m sorry, guys, I didn’t mean to expose that kind of content,” she said.

    Elsa Majimbo
    Elsa Majimbo

    Elsa Majimbo’s confidence and boundaries

    While Elsa acknowledged her confidence in her body, she stressed the importance of maintaining privacy and intimacy in personal relationships.

    “And don’t get me wrong, I’m very confident in my body, but I want to do it on my terms and not in such a private and intimate space,” she said.

    She affirmed her desire to control the sharing of such content and expressed regret for the unintentional exposure.

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