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    Ibrahim Suleiman says people who only retweet opinions of others lack spine

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    He clarified in another post that it was not an absolute statement.

    Nollywood actor Ibrahim Suleiman has stated that people who constantly retweet other people’s thoughts instead of typing theirs tend to “lack spine.”

    Taking to his X account on May 22, 2024, the actor told his followers to be wary saying, “Beware of people whose TLs are full of them constantly retweeting the thoughts and opinions of others and very few actual tweets of their own. They tend to lack spine.”

    His post received an array of reactions and comments from users, with some agreeing with him and others lashing him over it.

    An X user explained, “The beauty of this app is simply that sometimes, someone has already put together what you would say, what you feel, or what you think, and in that case there’s no need to tweet it but to retweet in support of that opinion. People take my exact thoughts & post it here & I support.”

    “Retweeting is easy. Forming and expressing your own ideas? That’s where the real backbone is shown,” said another user.

    Reactions to Ibrahim Suleiman’s post [X/Edomalo]

    An outraged user said to the actor, “Una go just open mouth waaahhh dey talk rubbish. People have a life ok. Not everyone depends on Twitter/x to survive like you.”

    Another said, “Hian spine ke?? It’s not that serious for some people.”

    Following the train of reactions to his initial post, Suleiman made another post providing some clarity on his first post.

    He said, “1. There is a difference between ‘quoting’ and ‘retweeting.’ 2. The tweet is clearly not an absolute statement. But na twitter. So not surprised. Okay, this was fun. Muted.”

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